Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. To the north-northwest lies Guadeloupe, to the southeast Martinique. Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” for its seemingly unspoiled natural beauty. It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world’s second-largest boiling lake. The island features lush mountainous rainforests, home of many rare plant, animal, and bird species. There are xeric areas in some of the western coastal regions, but heavy rainfall can be expected inland.


The Citizenship by Investment Program allows foreign investors to obtain full legal citizenship and passports for an investor and their family where that investor has made a significant investment in Dominica which qualifies under the Citizenship by Investment Regulations. Presently the qualifying investments are

  • a contribution to the Government Fund of a minimum amount of USD $100,000
  • the investment in a pre-approved real estate project at a value of USD $200,000 for a minimum of 5 years.

The highlights of this program are

  • Most competitive and cost-effective program
  • Dependents up to age 28 and above 55
  • No tax for non-residents
  • No residency or language test requirement
  • Processing time in 2-4 months
  • Access to 119 countries and territories including UK, Schengen Countries, Honk Kong and Singapore

Cost Breakdown

Government Fund Option

A non-refundable contribution of:

  1. Single Applicant: USD $100,000
  2. Main Applicant and Spouse: USD $175,000
  3. Family of up to four (main + spouse + up to 2 dependants): USD $200,000

Additional dependants: USD $25,000 per dependant

Real Estate Option

Minimum investment of USD $200,000 in an approved project along with the following Government fees:

  1. Single Applicant: USD $25,000
  2. Main Applicant and Spouse: USD $35,000
  3. Family of up to four (main + spouse + up to 2 dependants): USD $35,000
  4. Family of up to six (main + spouse + up to 4 dependants): USD $50,000
  5. Family of seven (main + spouse + 5 dependants): USD $70,000

Additional Fees

Additional fees for both options

  1. Processing: USD $1,000 per applicant
  2. Due Diligence for Main Applicant: USD $7,500
  3. Due Diligence for Spouse: USD $4,000
  4. Due Diligence for Dependants above 16 years old: USD $4,000 per dependant
  5. Expedited Passport Issue: USD $1,200 per applicant
  6. Certificate of Naturalisation: USD $250 per applicant