About Us

Guiding you to Freedom


Guide Consultants is a firm operating at the frontiers of citizenship and business consultancy. We specialize in Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs in the Eastern Caribbean region. As authorised agents of CBI, we endeavor to provide our clients with all their second citizenship needs, with utmost professionalism and integrity.

In this ever-globalizing world we cannot deny the shift in how business is being conducted on an international scale. We observe how immigration and trade policies, along with a change in social paradigms and political relations, influence and stimulate commerce.

In the simplest terms, a second citizenship provides one with an international presence, along with the freedom and access to travel the world. Whether it is to provide new business opportunities, gain a competitive advantage in an industry, or to provide ease of access in times of political turmoil, a second citizenship is nothing short of an insurance policy to secure your business interests and the safety of your family.

About Us

At Guide Consultants, we take absolute pride in our name, and aim to guide you through the process of attaining a second citizenship in a seamless and care-free manner. As authorised Citizenship by Investment agents, our value in our clients has put us in a position to truly stand out. What separates us from the rest is


We value the feedback that we’ve received from the many clients that we have serviced over the years, and have been able to concentrate our focus on the programs and services that benefitted them the most. By focusing our scope we’re able to refine and optimize our processes to ensure an error-free and expedited service. By not focusing on other services, we are able to free ourselves from any incentives or biases, thereby ensuring our client’s interests as our top priority.


We value our client’s time, which is why we don’t believe in doing things twice. Our years of experience and our well-trained staff has afforded us the confidence to do things right the first time. Our extensive network in the Eastern Caribbean region has aided us in the past to resolve any unforeseen issues in a timely manner. The experience developed over the years, has refined the second citizenship application process ensuring an expedited service without sacrificing quality in any way.


We value the trust that our clients have given us, which is why we operate under full transparency. We understand the caliber of this investment, and that we cannot properly guide our clients without ensuring that they know exactly what they are getting into. We believe the best way to mitigate any concerns is to have an open line of communication with full transparency. Our business has grown at an unprecedented rate in the last few years, almost exclusively due to referrals from previous clients who have experienced this trust first hand.