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Guide Consultants is a firm operating at the frontiers of citizenship and business consultancy. We specialize in Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs in the Eastern Caribbean region. As authorised agents of CBI, we endeavor to provide our clients with all their second citizenship needs, with utmost professionalism and integrity.

In this ever-globalizing world we cannot deny the shift in how business is being conducted on an international scale. We observe how immigration and trade policies, along with a change in social paradigms and political relations, influence and stimulate commerce.

In the simplest terms, a second citizenship provides one with an international presence, along with the freedom and access to travel the world. Whether it is to provide new business opportunities, gain a competitive advantage in an industry, or to provide ease of access in times of political turmoil, a second citizenship is nothing short of an insurance policy to secure your business interests and the safety of your family.


Access up to 136 countries

Acquire citizenship within 2-4 months

No residency or language test requirements

No tax for non-residents

Can apply for 10-year visitor visa in the US

Allows for any dual citizenship

Family security during times of political turmoil

Citizenship is applied to all future descendants

Stimulates business growth through ease of travel

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